_____________________ About Me and My Work

I am an assistant professor of medical anthropology in the Department of Anthropology at Baylor University. I formerly trained and worked as an applied epidemiologist. I have a focus in biocultural medical anthropology and am interested in how culture mediates inequalities in health. Other interests include political economy,  social determinants of health,  integrative and collaborative research and Latin America. You can read more about my work on my academic page, schedule a meeting through Doodle or get in touch via my contact page.


Peer Reviewed Articles
McDermott, Josh H., Alan F. Schultz, Eduardo A. Undurraga, Ricardo Godoy
2016 Indifference to dissonance in native Amazonians reveals cultural variation in music perception. Nature 535(7613):547–550.


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Health Informatics Journal
Xia, Q., Westenhouse, J. L., Schultz, A.F., Nonoyama, A., Elms, W., Wu, N., Tabshouri, L., Ruiz, J.D. and Flood, J.M.
2011 Matching AIDS and Tuberculosis Registry Data to Identify AIDS/Tuberculosis Comorbidity Cases in California. Health Informatics Journal 17(1):41-50.


Book Chapters and Reports

Geocoding Health Data
Beyer, K., Schultz, A., and Rushton, G.
2007 Using ZIP codes as geocodes in cancer research. In Rushton, G., Armstrong,
M. P., Gittler, J., Greene,B., Pavlik, C., West, M. and Zimmerman, D. (Eds.),
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 In Review

Schultz, Alan F.
2017 Culture Change in Two Amazonian Communities: Using residual agreement from cultural consensus analysis to understand shifts in the meaning of life priorities.

In Preparation

Schultz, Alan F. and Gravlee, Clarence C.
2017 Social Status, Cultural Consonance and Health in Southeastern Puerto Rico.

Schultz, Alan F.
2017 The Ethnography of Life Priorities during Change in Bolivian Amazonia.

Schultz, Alan F.
2017 Cultural Consonance of Life Priorities and a Chronic Stress Biomarker among
Forager Farmers in Bolivian Amazonia.